For requirements that concern sensitive goods, perishables, specific industrial and commercial requirements Steelco provides the option of double skin sandwich panels. Similar to its single skinned variant, based on the same template but with thicker insulation. Specifically the Polyurethane thickness options vary from 30mm to 100mm. Unlike its single layered counterpart where you only get the option of 20 mm.

The double skin sandwich panel comes with a preprinted galvanized metal panel that is adhered to a thick layer of Polyurethane. This particularly option is popular for projects in areas where there are extreme weather conditions: extremely hot and dry, extremely cold and very wet-humid. The double and higher thickness ensures that the internal environment whether it be for storage of goods or for general living, remain within ideal parameters.

The insulation also meets the fire safety requirements and is fireproof. Giving one the peace of mind that the goods and people within the structure will remain safe. Furthermore, due to the double layering of the insulant, the level of noise going in and out of the structure reduces considerably.

Known for afore mentioned attributes along with affordability and convenience, popularly contractors seek these panels to build warehousing for sensitive goods and perishables, cold storage, commercial and residential projects.

So to invest in a double skin sandwich panel by Steelco you get:

  • The affordability and durability of a high-grade product. You retain value from its long life due to low maintenance and high strength
  • The portability and ease of assembly makes this product an ideal choice time sensitive and affordable structural solutions
  • Protection from all types of weather conditions, whether it be extremely hot or cold or humid
  • Peace of mind that your assets are safe from fire accidents, as the Polyurethane we use is of high quality and resists fire
  • Myriad of paint color choices to customize the look and feel you want for the overall or individual panels for your project
  • Galvanized metal used the product is also rust and corrosion free thus retaining its original shape and form for a long time


Size and Specifications Double Skin Sandwich Roof Panels Qatar