Roofing Tile Panel


Given the popularity and demand of the times, Steelco was quick to accommodate its clients with stylish roofing options like metal tile panels. These galvanized metal panels have all the positives and more of its ceramic counterpart but none of the disadvantage like the weight. Tiles have always given structures be it commercial or residential a sense of style. A look that is classy and adds well to the fa├žade of a building. These metal tiles serve the same purpose, as they look the same but due to their properties are very affordable, easy and convenient.

The sheets are made from steel, which is strong and very durable. These are then galvanized where a layer of zinc coats the surface forming a barrier between the steel and corrosive elements. The sheets are bent and shaped liked tiles, which not only imitate the ceramic variants but also retain their water-shedding feature. Designed in panels and being lightweight they are quick, easy to install and are quite portable.

At Steelco, these galvanized metal panels are adhered with a layer of polyurethane that protects it from moisture, extreme weather conditions and fire hazards. These come in both single and double skin variants where the thicker layer increases life and ensures greater protection. Another property of the layer is that it absorbs sound and vibrations thus adding to the ambience of the structure.

Investing in a roofing tile panels ensures:

  • Durability due to the steel used in manufacturing
  • Corrosion, weather, fire, humidity and mold protection as the tiles undergo galvanization and are adhered with Polyurethane
  • Reduction the sound and vibrations which adds to the ambience and adheres to the strict regulations of a particular area
  • Tile shaped to imitate its ceramic counterpart but light for portability
  • Easy and quick installation as they are designed in panels
  • A myriad of paint options that give the look and feel you want
  • Water shedding and is easy to maintain. A bit of water can easily wash off the grime, dirt and any weather pollutants. Thus ensuring little to no maintenance costs and a longer life.


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