In order to maximize value for money spent, Steelco recommends its Insulated sandwich roof panels. Metal although highly durable and strong is also a very good conductor of heat, the cold and moisture. On its own, it can make conditions within a structure hot, cold and damp. Making it unbearable for occupants, damaging for stored perishables and unhealthy for livestock. Thus, some form of insulation is necessary to mitigate and manage said conditions.

At Steelco, we offer painted galvanized metal panels that have Polyurethane foam adhered to them. Known for its heat resistance, flame retardation properties and moisture proofing the insulation protects the structure and its content from extreme weather conditions: staying cool during the summers, warm during the winters and dry during monsoons. To further top off these offerings Polyurethane is also fire proof that means the structure would not catch fire and keep your goods and all things living inside it safe.

Another plus for these panels comes in the form of sound retardation. Depending on the option one opts for, the structure to an extent becomes sound proof with little or no sound coming and going through it. Perfect for offices and residential buildings that have strict sound safety and noise pollution regulations in their designated areas.

Over the past decade, we at Steelco have seen a considerable demand for this product and its variants among architects, contractors and developers. We found that apart from the mentioned features, cost effectiveness was another key attribute. Resulting in cost effective and sustainable projects.

To reiterate when a project uses our sandwich panels you get:

  • A durable and sustainable solution where each panel lasts long
  • Cost effective and the overall build and maintenance cost sees a considerable reduction
  • Weather Proof where the panels retain their quality in the face of the harshest weather
  • Fire Proof and safe. Rest assured all things within the structure is safe from fires
  • Resistance to moisture protects the structure and all things within from mold, rot and corrosion
  • With various style and color options, you can really customize the structure to your specification and liking


Size and Specifications Single Skin Sandwich Roof Panels Qatar