We have high standards and take pride in all we do.

Our Mission

Steelco is committed to principles of sustainability while exploiting innovative technology to its fullest in order to ensure the satisfaction of consumers’ needs in the global market scale. This commitment is aimed at enhancing the quality of life for everyone now and for future generations.

Our Vision

Our visions work as a blueprint to how we would like to build and grow every part of our organization by taking into consideration each vision when conducting business, in order to achieve the highest quality of service and satisfaction both by our customers and employees.

Fully aware that an ever-growing population gives rise to a demand for construction and manufacturing we at Steelco Trading and Contracting pride ourselves in being members to a well-known fraternity of steel suppliers in various parts of the world.

A process that sees Iron treated with a specific percentage of carbon to produce a remarkable and long lasting material called Steel. It is further treated and galvanized (which is the coating of Steel by Zinc), ensuring protection from the weathering, corrosion and rusting. Furthermore, thanks to our modern tools and expertise we take great pride in the creation of Steel, which is a perfect time saving and cost effective solution for all things structural, mechanical and automotive, lasting long and requiring little maintenance.