Structural steel supplier based in Doha, Qatar.

Fully aware that an ever-growing population gives rise to a demand for construction and manufacturing we pride ourselves in being members to a well-known fraternity of steel suppliers in various parts of the world.

A process that sees Iron treated with a specific percentage of carbon to produce a remarkable and long lasting material called Steel. It is further treated and galvanized (which is the coating of Steel by Zinc), ensuring protection from the weathering, corrosion and rusting. Furthermore, thanks to our modern tools and expertise we take great pride in the creation of Steel, which is a perfect time saving and cost effective solution for all things structural, mechanical and automotive, lasting long and requiring little maintenance.

The product hidden within the name, we Steelco are just that company that manufactures this remarkable metal that is in high demand in the global market.
Established in 2005 Steelco Trading and Contracting company prides itself in being a leading steel supplier in the Region. With partnerships and clientele in South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. We have established a strong reputation based on quality, the right pricing and timely delivery.

Our clients, vendors and manufacturers know us for our certified high quality steel structural solutions. Notably MS tubes, pipes, angles, beams, channels and plates; GI pipes, sheets and Coils; Aluminum sheets and coils; Corrugated roofing sheets, sandwich roof, wall panels and chain link fencing. Their reliability validated by implementation and repeat orders by many contractors, for notable construction projects in various parts of the world.

With a proven record of accomplishment for over 15 years, our brand is a promise. A promise that every client is treated and catered to at the highest possible standard and experiences the best Steelco has to offer.

Our Mission

Steelco is committed to providing sustainable products that adhere to the highest of global standards. To seek out and establish a talented pool of qualified individuals who have the expertise to create excellence and build value. Supported with the most modern of methodologies and innovative technologies to create solutions that satisfy the strictest of requirements of our clientele.
With a strong culture of unity and uniformity to boot, we aim to keep taking the initiative and contribute to the infrastructures that will sustain the present and pave the way to a brighter future.

Our Vision

Evolution is key where change is constant. That is the lesson history and nature has taught humanity over the millions of years. Thus taking a page from the same book, we seek to be ever evolving, to accommodate all the global developments pertaining to infrastructure and manufacturing demand.
Ours is a journey that seeks to incorporate modern technologies, accumulate up to date techniques and acquire qualified human resource that offers cost effective, reliable and convenient solutions to the ever-evolving global infrastructural landscape.
At Steelco, we aim to be a name that resounds with reliability, quality and convenience. Where through our conviction and determination we build futures through Steel.