Best Quality Checkered Plate Mild Steel in Qatar

Checkered plate also known as tread plate or diamond plate is a metal plate with a raised checkered pattern. At Steelco, these plates come in a variety of options such as hot rolled steel, stainless steel and aluminum for you to choose from at very competitive prices.

The process for making Checkered Plate Mild Steel in Qatar is quite straightforward. When making standard plate or sheet, the slabs are put through a series of large rollers until the desired thickness is achieved. These sheets or plates are then put through a final set of rollers that emboss the raised checkered pattern onto the surface.

Advantages of Galvanized Checkered Plate

  • Excellent workability and welding
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Beautiful Design
  • Light weight
  • Low cost

Applications of Galvanized Checkered Plate

  • Elevator decorative plate
  • Shops decoration
  • Exterior Design of Buildings
  • Stairs