Checkered plate also known as tread plate or diamond plate is a metal plate with a raised checkered pattern. At Steelco, these plates come in a variety of options such as hot rolled steel, stainless steel and aluminum for you to choose from at very competitive prices.

The process for making checkered plate is quite straightforward. When making standard plate or sheet, the slabs are put through a series of large rollers until the desired thickness is achieved. These sheets or plates are then put through a final set of rollers that emboss the raised checkered pattern onto the surface.

For aluminum, this process “stamps” the pattern onto the plate, whereas with steel, hot rolling is generally used. This involves heating a slab of steel above its recrystallization temperature and then bringing it through a series of smooth rollers to its desired thickness. This process quick and cost effective resulting in a very affordable product.

You will most often see checkered plate used in safety applications as the checkered pattern creates an excellent tread, which can help reduce slip, and falls.

  • Stairs and Walkways: Checkered plates are commonly used on stairs or ramps in industrial areas, as it helps to reduce the chance of slipping on the metal. Outdoor fire exits in particular rely on checkered plates to enhance traction when the steps become slippery from sand, rain or snow.
  • Vehicles and Trailers: Most people with a pick-up truck can attest to how often they are stepping in and out of the bed of the truck. Due to the outdoor nature of the vehicle, one experiences all the elements have to offer. For this reason, checkered plates are often used as an accent on bumpers, truck beds or trailers to help reduce slipping when stepping onto a vehicle, while also providing traction for pulling or pushing material on and off a truck.
  • Aesthetic Accents: Aluminum, stainless steel and hot rolled steel-checkered plates each have a unique appearance, which can be used as an accent for architectural elements or furniture. Checkered plates can be found on stairs, backslashes, tabletops and more.


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