Corrugated metal roofing sheets and sidings are one the most widely used and demanded products from Steelco. They fulfill the demands of all major sectors varying from industrial structures, livestock housing and residential abodes. Their popularity is in part due to their high strength and durability.

Each sheet of metal undergoes cold pressing and shaped into a wave pattern with the help of dyes. This raises the strength and tensile properties of the sheet considerably. To further its long lasting properties the sheet then undergoes the process of galvanization. In this process, the metal sheet undergoes zinc coating that ensures protection from rusting and other weathering effects that may damage it over time. The design also furthers the act of water shedding where water simply flows off it leaving no room for moisture to stand.

At Steelco, the options and offerings just do not stop there. These galvanized sheet metal roofing and sides come in a myriad of color options that match your particular design requirements. The paint too is special as it acts as a reflective layer that reduces the heat absorption in locations that see a lot hot and dry sunny weather.

With the right maintenance, washing of the sheets with water and recoating of paint after a few decades the life of these sheets rises considerably. Thus reducing the overall cost of regular maintenance, repair and replacement that one experiences with other forms of tiles.

Buying corrugated roofing sheets from Steelco thus ensures:


Where the sheets undergo the process of corrugation and galvanization. Thus, they are weatherproof and can withstand damage from dents and folding.


Value retained fully as they sheets do not require much maintenance and will last very long. By simply washing of residue and after a decade or so repainting with manufacturer certified paint, one can easily get 50 years or from the sheets.


The product is easily recyclable and fulfills all environmental safety requirements
Corrugated metal roofing and sides are a popular option and are widely demanded by all sectors of the industry. Its low cost and high durability ensures that you have the peace of mind for decades to come.


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