Steelco also provides complete structural solutions, which also includes galvanized sheet metal wall panels. These come with Polyurethane insulation varying in thickness from 50 to 100mm. The flat galvanized metal sheet retains its quality against corrosion and rust due to a coating of zinc. A layer of Polyurethane on the underside protects against moisture, insulation against hot and cold conditions. This also to a degree dampens sounds coming back and forth from the structure and certifies safety against fire accidents.

Ideal for regions with extreme weather conditions and high level of environmental damage, these sheets are a safe and an affordable investment. Requiring little to no maintenance and will last for a considerable number of years, leading to lesser replacement and repair costs.

Given the product’s attributes contractors, developers and architects prefer it ideally for structures like cold storages, warehouses, sports complexes, security cabins, beach houses, offices and residential accommodations.

Combined with double skin sandwich roof panels you’ve got a structure that gives you complete value for money, has little or no upkeep, is weather and fireproof, is made from strong corrosion and rust free metal and can be modified to the color of your choosing.

To reiterate when you buy a Steelco Double Skin wall panel you get:

  • Protection from extremely hot, cold and humid weather
  • Fire protection where the Polyurethane is a fire retardant material
  • Galvanized sheet metal that ensures that the material remains rust and corrosion free
  • Double skin thickness to a great degree you receive sound proofing
  • Easy to maintain at little or no cost
  • Affordable and long lasting
  • Portable and easy to assemble
  • Wide variety of paint colors to choose from to fully customize your project the way you want it
  • Thickness choices of Polyurethane insulation vary between 50 to 100mm


Size and Specifications Double Skin Wall Panels Qatar