Most Practical And Versatile Metal Sheets QATAR

Expanded metal is created by an expanding machine, which turns Metal Sheets Qatar and coils into an expanded metal mesh. Many types of metal can be expanded, including: stainless steel, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, aluminum and more. The machine is fitted with a knife, which determines pattern for the mesh. As the metal passed through the machine, it is cut and stretched simultaneously using a pressured slitting and stretching process. The slits created by the knife allow the metal to be stretched, which produces uniform holes. To ensure a uniformity in patterns, the process is either programmed or done manually as the metal is fed through. The finished product is then wound into coils or cut into sheets.

Expanded metal features:

  • Mechanical properties and is an excellent conductor.
  • Weight is light enough for outer wall hanging
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Used as decorative mesh for building outer wall
  • Easily fabricated, finished, installed and formed


Hot Rolled, Hot Rolled Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Aluminium plate


Regular Expanded Metal is an open mesh, finished product that is simultaneously die-cut and expanded as it moves through progressive dies on a press. In the expanding process, the metal can be expanded up to ten times its original size, lose up to 80% of its original weight per square foot, and still retain form and rigidity. (Regular Expanded Metal can also have referred to as “Raised” or “Standard” Expanded Metal.)


Flattened Expanded Metal is Regular Expanded Metal that has been passed through flattening rolls. This rolling process reduces the thickness of the sheet, stretches the pattern of the sheet, and provides a smooth flat finish, reducing the overall thickness and elongating the diamond pattern.