Steel deck or deck floor panels act as a surface of a floor or roof. At Steelco these decking panels are ribbed, galvanized and roll formed from high quality steel. Adjustments in the thickness, shape and depth of the deck can be used to meet a variety of building and structural requirements. These panels can also be interlocked to the supporting structures in order to act as a diaphragm and provide lateral bracing for the structure.

This diaphragm also acts as a platform, which accommodates poured concrete. The concrete settles within the ribbed profiles of the panel combining together to give the floor or roof the strengthening qualities of both steel and concrete. Compared to previous modes of construction this is quicker to build and results in a stronger yet cheaper solution.

The features one gets when investing in Steelco’s signature Decking Panels:

  • Unparalleled strength and quality as the steel and concrete composite slabs are lighter and stronger than conventional slabs. This is achieved with the steel decking providing tensile support combined with the compressive strength of the concrete. These panels are designed to prevent any longitudinal slip between the steel and concrete in the slab and any transverse movement between the slab and supporting beams
  • Cost effectiveness is achieved as the composite nature of the slabs reduces the overall usage of concrete and other supporting materials. This leads to core materials being redirected to other areas like the foundation. Due to the convenient and versatile nature of these slabs, a lot of time and money is saved on projects
  • Quick and safe construction as a composite slab effectively acts as a safe working platform. Once the slab is poured, workers can get on with their jobs below. At the same time, work can continue unhindered on the floors above, allowing simple installation of services.
  • Can be used with both light and dense concrete making it a versatile choice
  • Lower concrete load reduces the strain on the frames and foundation
  • Reinforces supporting frame ensuring stronger structural integrity
  • Convenient and little to no site storage requirements
  • The ribbed design along with compression from the concrete offers tensile reinforcement


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