KWIK roofing sheets at Steelco are made from galvanized sheet metal panels that pass through radius bending machinery. The demand for such sheets are on the rise and are quite popular with architects that are looking to give both commercial and residential contemporary looks. The rounded edges and general curves attributed to the roof design are appealing to the eyes and fit well with the fa├žade of the structure of choice. Some notable areas for application are sheds, water tanks, aircraft hangers, poultry housings, barns and internal tunnel cladding.

The sheets are curved in two ways that are the natural and the machine. In the natural method, the sheet is laid to rest on a radius over a large surface area that allows for it bend due to its own weight. For a tighter radius, the same methodology is followed and the panel are forced down further and fastened into place with panel clips.

The mechanical method is used when a tighter radii is required. Here a straight, sheet of galvanized metal is placed in a radius-bending machine and is stretched or compressed until it reaches the desired state.

The galvanized properties of the each sheet means that a layer of zinc is applied that protects the metal underneath from rusting and corrosion. At Steelco, this process undergoes rigorous checks to ensure uniformity in quality and market standards. That is each sheet is similar in standards and quality of protection. Furthermore, the sheets withstand extreme temperatures and due to their curved design add to the heat dissipation as well. Being lightweight as well makes them easy to install, rendering this investment convenient and affordable.

When buying KWIK Roofing Sheet from Steelco you get:

  • Galvanized metal sheets that meet the highest of standard in strength, quality and protection.
  • Material that is resistant to corrosion, rusting and weathering
  • Specifications with thickness varying from 0.5 to 0.7mm, width 235mm and a length range of 1500 to 7000mm
  • Myriad of paint options that fit your customization needs
  • Easy and quick to install making it both portable and affordable
  • Little to no maintenance cost which contributes to a longer life span


Size and Specifications KWIK Roofing Sheets Qatar