Ideal MS ERW Round Hollow Cold / Hot Structural Solutions for Construction

Round tubing is cylindrical shaped MS ERW Round Hollow Cold / Hot Structural Solutionsthat are hollow. They have a wide variety of structural and architectural applications. Tubes are measured by their outside diameter and their wall thickness. Some examples of tube applications would be automotive parts, railings, patio furniture, support columns, guardrails, construction of bridges, storage systems, commercial and residential structures.

ERW or Electric Resistance Welded refers to a specific type of welding process known as seam welding. This type of welding is used to create round steel tubing. Steel strips are unwound from coils and trimmed to maintain the width and prepare the edges for welding. These strips then pass through contoured rollers which cold-form the material into a circular shape. The edges are forced together under pressure and then welded. After undergoing thorough testing the tube then passes through a series of sizing rolls to attain its precise size, after which the tube is then straightened and cut.

Uses: There are many advantages and uses of such pipes – they can support columns and trusses, storage systems, highway guardrail construction of bridges, commercial and residential building, and all other structural purposes.
Standard: St 12 (DIN 1623), CS, DS [ASTM A1008], ASTM A500/A500M, Grade A, B & C.
List of features includes:

  •     Consistent physical features prevent any drastic variations or fabrication
  •     The product is well tested with Excellent machinability and high strength
  •     Insured and tested for quality assurance
  •     High resistance to torsional loading
  •     Excellent surface condition
  •     Wide variety of shapes and wall thicknesses are available
  •     Ready and available in our stocks in lengths of 6 meters

Our tube ranges are equivalent to European and Japanese standards.