Electric Resistance Welded or ERW refers to a type of welding process that is used to make square tubing. It is specifically known as Seam welding. Steel strips are unwound from coils and side-trimmed to control width and condition the edges for welding. The strip then passes through a series of contoured rollers which cold-form the material into a square shape. The edges are forced together under pressure and then welded. Once the weld has been tested, the tube then passes through a series of sizing rolls to attain its precise size, after which the tube is straightened and cut to specified length.

Specifically square tubes are created from coils and then run through a series of dies. They are welded from the inside to form their shape. These tubes are generally used for maintenance and structural purposes. Some examples of its application would be the construction of structures, signposts, railings, fencing, furniture, gates and vehicle parts. They are measured by their outside dimensions and their wall thickness.

Steelco offer square tubes in Hot Rolled Steel and Cold Rolled Steel and can be cut to your exact specifications. Hot rolling involves the passing of steel through rollers that is well above its crystallization temperature to mold it to its desired physical dimensions. Multiple passes through the rollers may be necessary to produce the final dimensions.

Cold Rolled Steel is steel which is rolled at room temperature, and is well below its crystallization temperature. This results in an increase in its strength and hardness. In addition to improvement;

When buying Square tubes and pipes from Steelco, rest assured that:

  • The product is strong, durable, lightweight and affordable
  • Undergoes stringent quality control measures to uphold it to set market standards
  • Fully customizable to your specific requirements
  • Consistent with its physical features and properties; does not variate in its promised offerings


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