Apart from Polyurethane Steelco offers Polyethylene insulation panels as well. A byproduct of ethylene undergoing the process of polymerization, the resulting material has high ductility with high impact strength and is a perfect insulator.

With the combination of Aluminum foil which acts as a skin; these panels brighten the interiors of structures such as factories, warehouses and cold storage units. The same foam can also be adhered to galvanized metal sheets and used as single and double skin panels. The galvanized metal protects it from corrosion and rusting. The adhered polyethylene foam insulation protects from moisture, heat and chemical damage.

The beauty of polyethylene is that it is lightweight, durable and a closed cell material. The ease with which it is processed and fabricated makes it cheaper to manufacture. Thus making it a highly practical and affordable solution.

Therefore, when you buy a Polyethylene Panel the features are:

  • The cells are closed up and pressed so that there is no air between them. This is called closed cell and makes the material safe from moisture and very sturdy. That also makes it very strong and resistant to tears
  • Due to its compressed and air free nature the product in itself is very light weight and allows for ease of portability
  • The nature of the material allows for it be fabricated quite easily, thus making it a very affordable option
  • The thickness options you get vary from 6mm to 8mm and the overall width of the sheet is 1000mm
  • It is unaffected by mildew, mold, rot and bacteria, which plagues a lot of other foam variants and thus granting it a long life
  • It’s highly resistant to water, chemicals, solvents and grease, making it a very durable option and perfect for areas that experience extreme conditions
  • It has one of the best thermal insulation properties, making it a perfect option for regions that are very hot and for projects that require cold storing perishables


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