Cross tees are the supports that connect the main tees in a grid pattern to receive the ceiling panels. When buying said Tee, one needs to factor in Loads and deflection on the established system. The installation needs to be selected such that it follows specifications that can withstand the loads to which they will be subjected. Which means Live Loads (that concern the weight added from fixtures, the occupants and environmental residue) and Dead Loads (that concern the weight of the structure) cannot exceed the recommended weight tolerance of the system.

Even though a Cross Tee based system is structurally able to withstand load, it may get restricted if the amount of deflection when lateral load is applied exceeds that which the surfacing materials can withstand without damage. This deflection factor influences the selection of surfacing materials. The deflection limit varies from L/120 to L/360 depending on what kind of assembly the Cross Tee system is based on.

At Steelco the Tee system created in this case the Cross Tee are built with solid interlocking links that establish a solid joint. The Cross Tee is made of pre-painted galvanized metal that ensures protection from corrosion and provides the visual appeal you desire for the exposed ceiling.

The positives of procuring Steelco Cross Tees are:

  • Easy to maintain and have a long life
  • Portable and easy to install consequently reducing costs on labor and overheads
  • Economical as due to its interchange ability
  • Flexible, strong and durable capable of supporting heavy loads of ceiling boards
  • Designed with ease of assembly and convenience in mind with the ends easily locking at the joints
  • Cross Tee splices require no tools to lock in and provide tight joint
  • Due to simple design the establishment of a ceiling system experiences minimum wastage and mistakes
  • Meets all industrial standard safety codes
  • Comes in the thickness ranges of 0.24 – 0.4mm


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