Furring is the process of raising or leveling out the surfaces of walls and ceilings using metal furring channels. To ensure buildings are structurally sound, both residential and commercial contractors often use hat channels to level out walls and ceilings. These channels create breathing room between the interior or exterior walls and drywall or siding. Which safeguards against moisture buildup and eliminates the need for undue maintenance.

Metal furring channels are integral to keeping the building structurally sound and prevent any sources of unevenness in the installation of walls and ceilings. Furring channels provide a quick, simple, and cost-effective way to level out walls and ceilings for finishing. Furthermore, variants can be used that are resistant to fire, moisture and corrosion.

Steelco offers the Steel Furring Channels, which are:

  • Protected against rust, mold, warping, splitting, and corrosion
  • Is portable, easy to transport and lightweight
  • Affordable and cost effective
  • Easy installation and built with convenience in mind
  • Very durable and strong
  • Protects against the spread of fire
  • Easily customizable to the exact specifications you want

The actual process of furring involves attaching furring strips like hat channels onto existing wall studs or completed walls. In order for furring channels to be attached to wall studs, they are placed perpendicularly to the studs. The proper spacing of furring channels depend on the finishing material used for a wall. Contractors often use furring channels for drop ceilings, walls, and basement renovations.

The following are the industries that fully utilize Furring:

  • Commercial builders
  • Masonry, stone, concrete builders
  • Deck and patio builders
  • General contractors
  • Remodeling
  • Acoustic tiles and panels for projects that require sound dampening. This achieved by the sound dampening and proofing panels that snuggly fit with the channels. Controlling sound can be used in buildings such as schools, restaurants, sound studios, hospitals and libraries
  • Rain screens provides an air gap for venting moisture and protecting against water. This acts as a long term solution against moisture, rot, mold, rust and corrosion
  • Wall cladding allows for another layer to be padded onto the original in order to insulate and safeguard against the elements


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