Steelco is one of the leading Main Tee and ceiling frame solution provider in the region. It is in high demand, as all modern day construction requires them in ceiling building, maintenance and repairs. The Main Tees form the primary support for the ceiling system, which run the length of the room suspended from the joists by wire hangers.

When choosing the length and quality of Tees to be used one needs to accommodate to very vital elements: The load and deflection. Main Tees and their installation must be based on their ability to withstand the loads to which they will be subjected. Loads can be broken down into two segments: Live loads and Dead loads. Live loads are due to occupancies and elements such as sand, wind, rain and earthquakes. Dead loads is the weight of the structure itself.

Even though a Main Tee connected to an assembly is capable of withstanding load, its use may be restricted if the amount of deflection when the lateral load is applied exceeds that which the materials can sustain without damage.

The Main Tees of a ceiling system are made of a pre-painted galvanized metal body, which provides it protection against corrosion and the aesthetics for the exposed ceiling. The product are roll formed from galvanized metal with both ends spliced for easy interlocking.

When you purchase a Steelco Main Tee you get the following:

  • Ease of installation and portability which results in less labor and overhead costs
  • Economical due to the ease with which one can interchange the various types of Tees
  • The system is flexible and capable of supporting the load of heavy ceiling boards
  • The ends of Tee System provide flush joints that eliminate gaps and ensure rigidity at the joints
  • Main Tees are easy to assemble and come with splices that require no tools to lock in. Enabling a tight double lock action at the joint
  • Simple and easy assembly and design assuring minimum wastage and mistakes
  • Meets all standard fire and building safety regulations
  • Is available in the thickness ranges of 0.35 – 0.4mm


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