Unlike their ceramic and concrete counter parts, metal roof tiles are now the popular choice for architects and contractors. Steelco prides itself in being one of the leading manufacturer in the region for pre-painted galvanized metal roof tiles. These have all the positives of conventional roof tiles and none of their negatives like weight. Today modern architecture be it commercial or residential have fully integrated this solution into every form of design.

The core component used is steel which is known for its strength and durability. This is bent and shaped into the tile form and then undergoes the process of galvanizing where it is coated in zinc. This layer then protects it from corrosion and extreme weathering. Further to this, the tiles are painted in the colors of your choice and in themselves have reflective and shielding properties.

These are the perfect alternate and the right solution for roofing. The galvanized steel adds to the life, strength and durability of the product. Its light weight and comes in an easy to fit design making it portable and convenient. Overall, the long life as well as convenience makes this an ideal and affordable choice.

So when you go for Steelco Roofing Tiles rest assured that you get:

  • Durability and the strength due to steel being a core component
  • Corrosion and weather proofing as the steel it’s made from is galvanized
  • Lightweight unlike its ceramic and concrete counterparts. Thus making it easy to move and assemble
  • Selection from a thickness range of 0.4 to 0.5mm, a width of 1000mm and a length range of 750 to 6000mm
  • Little to maintenance which prolongs life and reduces upkeep costs
  • Myriad of paint options that add that personalized feel while adding reflective and shielding properties
  • Added option of Polyurethane single and double skin insulation. Which protects against humidity, hot and cold temperatures.


Size and Specifications Steel Roofing Tiles Qatar