Strut C Channel is a hot-rolled carbon steel made in a ā€œCā€ shape. A strut is created from a metal sheet, folded over into an open channel with inwards-curving lips to provide firm interlocking and as a centralized point to mount interconnecting components. They also have holes at the base to facilitate locking or fastening to underlying structures or systems.

The main advantage of strut channels in construction is the versatility and flexibility with which it can easily be modified and or extended using fasteners and bolts. They can be assembled very quickly with minimal tools and only moderately trained labor, making it a very cost effective investment. Strut channel are used to mount, brace, support and connect lightweight structural loads in structures. These include pipes, electrical and data wire, mechanical systems such as ventilation and air conditioning. Add-ons can be attached to the strut channel with a bolt, threaded into a channel nut that may have a spring to ease installation. Circular objects such as pipes and cables can be attached with straps that can be retained by the channel. Strut channel is also used for other applications that require a strong framework, such as equipment rack, workbenches, shelving systems etc. made sockets are available to tighten nuts, bolts, etc.

Strut Channels are a structural metal that have many different applications across several industries. They are common building and construction material. Are also used in shipbuilding and the automotive industries, general fabrication where structural properties are required. Laid flat, it can be measured by taking the width of the channels, the height of its Flange (legs) and Web (thickness of the material between the two flanges). More commonly, it is measurement by taking its width and pounds per foot. Strut Channels come in many shapes and sizes such as Bar Mill, Ships and Car Sizes, Stair Stringers (Junior) and the more common Structural Channel.


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